Libra Daily Horoscope |



Today your intimate world will be invaded by the feelings of happiness and joy. Your relationship will be flooded with new love energies. Your sex life will become much more passionate and you’ll be able to connect more deeply with your loved one.

On the other hand, your closest people will cause you certain trouble. Someone from your circle of friends will put you to the test. Reconsider if you want to keep this person in your life.

Single Libras will have a possibility to meet people and start a friendship or something more than that with someone new in your social circle. It’s time to enjoy what life brings you and go with the flow.  

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When it comes to your economy, you’ve got all it takes to lead a comfortable life. You may increase your income but you can’t take any risks. Seek the support of your family in everything related to money.

Self-employed Libras will be able to renegotiate loans which have been difficult to keep up with. Luck will be on your side and you’ll manage to prolong your payment terms. This breath of fresh air will help you get on with your work without any worries.

 However, if you work for other people, you’ll have to face a negative work environment that one of your colleagues will be trying to spread. Focus on your tasks and don’t let this influence you.


Pay attention to your feet today. You may injure your ankle. Watch your step if you don’t want to be on sick leave for weeks. You’ll easily avoid it if you focus more on your body and less on your thoughts.

When it comes to your emotions, you’ll be more sensitive than usual today. Try not to take things personally and relieve your stress by doing physical activity that you like.

 Try a therapy that treats not only your body but also your emotions. It’s important that you persist with the personal work you’ve begun; otherwise, you’ll get stuck in your old routines.