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Libra, get ready to change your way of thinking when it comes to relationships. All your firm convictions will tremble. You’ll find out that there are other, healthier and freer, ways to relate.

Libras who are in a relationship will have to adapt to changes today if they want to connect deeper with their partner. There’s no room for demands, control or reproaches. Maturity and adulthood will take their place.

Single Libras can’t lose faith that sooner or later someone special will turn up in their lives. The horoscope suggests you keep your eyes open. Are you willing to fully open your heart?

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Today most Libras will have to adjust their economy and stop spending so much money. If you continue this way, you’ll have financial problems. Make a new plan to control your expenses.

On a professional level, work tensions can cause you quite a lot of stress, so you should avoid taking things personally. You have to learn to separate your professional and personal life.

If you keep calm, you’ll come up with better decisions to solve any conflicts along the way. Libra, your main objective today is to observe and elaborate strategies.


Your health will be good. Some Libras will have a minor ailment that won’t last. You may find a solution to all your health problems today.

However, focus on your mood. As you’re feeling a little down, your horoscope suggests you spend more time outdoors exercising, which will help you clear your mind.

On the other hand, remember that food also influences your mood. Add more fresh products and fruit high in vitamins to your diet. Substitute coffee for less harmful vital energy stimulants such as tea or 100% cocoa.