Libra Daily Horoscope
Libra Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


On a day like today when Venus is afflicted, you’ll feel more introverted than usual. It might be a problem because today you’ll have a get-together.

The compliments you’ll receive come from good intentions. Otherwise, it’s other people’s problem if they want to believe in a fake existence of something or think you owe them a favor in return to compliments…

Counteract this experience by being nice to others and telling them beautiful things about them. The love that you’ll give is the love you’ll receive today.  

Break away from your own mental molds and you’ll discover very positive, powerful and pleasant sensations. This can only bring more happiness into your life.

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In your daily life you like to know exactly where your money goes, but sometimes circumstances require you to give a little more of yourself. What a nuisance! Even if it's a good deed, spending money on something you didn't expect will somewhat disturb you.

Material things are temporary. If lately you’ve been focusing too much on collecting things, try to get rid of those items little by little. Otherwise, you might need to give them away all at once.

Pack light on life’s journey. Apart from toxic relationships and bad memories of the past, this also refers to the fact that you shouldn’t own objects that you don’t really need, Libra.


If you're going to travel abroad, you'll have to be careful, Libra. Gastronomic tourism broadens your culture and your view on life but it could also upset your stomach, depending on the meals you eat.

Be careful when you eat in the street food stalls because food preparation isn’t the most hygienic. However, in these places you’ll find the best food.

Avoid drinking water from rivers and lakes. You may have problems because bacteria could make you sick. Also watch the water you drink on a daily basis, because Neptune will be up to his usual tricks…