Libra Daily Horoscope for May 11

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Today you’ll have an opportunity to transform your relationship from the ground up. Even if it seems impossible, positive astral influences are on your side and they’ll help you heal and strengthen the bond of your relationship.

It's time to look at your loved ones in a new light. Understand once and for all that you shouldn't take anything for granted. Life is very fragile, and so are human relationships, so you shouldn't settle for the thought that things will always stay the same.

Whether you’re in a relationship or not, your main objective today is to get in touch with your ability to love. Giving without receiving may sound too dramatic; however, when you do it from the heart, it’s really not about waiting for anything in return.

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Don't be afraid to run out of money, because that's not going to happen, just assume that right now you're not at your best economically. In a few days everything will get back to normal, money cycles are also a part of the challenges of life.

Today you can plan a new employment strategy to achieve your goals faster. If you know how to play your cards right and don't rush, you’ll get what you want.

A good piece of advice for today is to think before you speak. Although you are a person with a natural intelligence, sometimes your nerves betray you. Think again and count to ten before putting your thoughts into words.


Today you’ll feel quite well, a sign that your health has improved considerably. You’ll have enough strength to go out and enjoy outdoor activities. Walking and feeling the sun on your skin will help you recharge your energy.

That mental chaos in which you've been immersed lately has been left behind. Now you are on the right track and you are able to think clearly. Note down everything that still worries you; it’ll help you set these bothering thoughts free.

Look for your spiritual part that has been lost lately. It is not about religion, or any belief, just looking for something higher than the material.