Libra Daily Horoscope for April 12

Your Horoscope for Friday
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The relationship of Libras may be heading for collapse. Neither words nor gestures seem to work. But to think that there is no solution is the quickest way to end in failure. On the other hand, being optimistic and putting all your effort to improve things is a demonstration of courage.

Change your routine to make your relationship more dynamic and surprising. Sometimes you forget how much fun you may have with your partner when you let your problems go. 

As far as single Libras are concerned, leaving victimhood is a must in order to find love. Your problem is not bad luck, Libra, but lack of faith in yourself. You are a powerful being, full of light and magnetism. You have to exploit your potential.

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Things at work will calm down and you’ll have a chance to rest. Don't lose your concentration and stay as meticulous as you can, but try to slow down. Sometimes, relaxation makes it easier to get it right. Try to be practical and don't obsess over obstacles.

You’ll see things clearly this Friday and it’ll optimize your opportunities. The forces that fluctuate around your regent will help you make the right decisions. However, your mental work may be blocked due to some headaches.

Your financial problems will come to an end and you’ll be back on the path of stability. You can allow yourself a few whims, always bearing in mind the balance.


A kind of cloud above your head won’t let you give your best at work. Moreover, it’ll spoil your mood. Avoid taking medication. All you have to do is rest more and reduce your stress.

Libra, today you’ll realize that sometimes it’s necessary to stop in order to continue going. You can’t keep the rhythm for so long. You have to be humble and admit that you’re not invincible and take a break.

Taking a walk in nature and breathing fresh air will help you to fill yourself with strength and vitality. Solitude will lead you to peace and stillness to recover the energy you lack today.