Libra Daily Horoscope |



It seems that the influence of the moon on Libras’ tense aspects limit their capacity to feel in love. Although you still love your partner, you don’t feel the same way as before.  

Due to this aspect, things you used to find funny about your partner, have become monotonous or even silly. You hate feeling this way but you can’t help it!

The solution is to downplay it all. All couples go through some tough times when they start doubting their feelings. However, if you can’t imagine your life without him/her in it, that’s true love.

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Very influential people will come your way that will help you a lot and change the course of your career. Now it’s time to delegate duties and trust second opinions, Libra.

You’ll still have to continue doing your best. Don’t think that all your problems will be magically solved. It’s necessary to invest in your business or a project you have in mind.

Although you trust in your possibilities regarding future, it’s a good idea to improve your negotiation skills, since you’re going to need them pretty soon.


If you're experiencing a lot of gas and bloating, making changes to your diet can help. Although talking about flatulence is often considered a taboo subject, it’s time to stop suffering in silence, Libra.

Too much air in your intestine can be related to your diet and lifestyle. There is a list of foods you should avoid; otherwise the problem won’t go away.

Products such as lettuce, pasta or legumes especially affect Libraswho have a delicate digestion. Avoid them as much as possible, especially if you're going on a romantic date!