Libra Daily Horoscope
Libra Daily Horoscope |


Pain in relationships is inevitable. Trying to cover the sun with a finger will exhaust you and you won’t be able to face your sentimental issues successfully.

Luckily, your family will be by your side to support and listen to you. Your friends’ words of comfort and encouragement will be especially appreciated today.  

The biggest risk is not taking any risk, Libra. Yes, you’re very indecisive, but if you never show your feelings because you’re afraid of getting hurt or not being corresponded, you don’t deserve that person. There’s a possibility that you stop being single, which you hate so much, if you finally express your feelings.

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Your comeback finally begins and all your thoughts will be focused on work. You’ll do your job perfectly like you’ve been working there all your life. Maybe you have? Then you’ll be happy about your job. You could go on like this for many more years.

You’ll be offered a deal at work but you have to take your time to respond to it. Both alternatives will look good at first, but you must examine them closely to find their flaws.

Unemployed Libras will be forced to accept job offers that might not be the most convenient ones. Be patient, this job will help you pay your debts. However, don’t stop looking for a job of your dreams.


Sometimes we take certain toxic thoughts for granted; however, if we don’t control them, they can silently lead to depression.

You can turn negative thoughts into positive ones if you’re very patient and eager to progress, Libra.

Today you can start by demanding less of yourself. While setting goals is positive, forcing one's own capabilities is counterproductive. Many athletes end up injured when they think: “I have to keep going even if I'm tired”. Don't let this attitude take over you, Libra.