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When you’re stuck in your own world, you treat your partner a bit cruelly. Sometimes you don’t talk to him/her all day. Does your significant other mean that little to you?

It had better be worth it whatever you’re doing for you job, because your partner is on the verge of asking you for a divorce or separation. If you continue doing nothing about it, bad news will hit you sooner than you think.

Fortunately, life wants to give you another chance, so try to fix your sentimental communication with your partner, before you lose him/her forever.

Sometimes deciding isn't easy when you've taken on too many responsibilities and you need to juggle your career and your relationship. It's worth asking yourself why you're trying to ignore the sensitive part that has revealed itself against you.

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These days, when there’s more space for creativity than our parents and grandparents used to have, it’s necessary to rethink whether you are responding well to the new challenges that come up your way.

Are you building your life on a foundation of who you really are or on others’ expectations? Be true to your personal journey, your likes and interests. Frustration is the gap between what people expect from you and who you are. Pay attention to your inner-dialogue.

Look for inspiration in your hobbies, try new ways of working, be curious and you’ll discover that your career has more things to offer than just a monthly sum of money. When the work is done well, it refreshes your soul.


The influence of Mercury will protect you from illnesses, and in case they appear, you’ll detect them on time and get the best medical attention.

However, when it comes to your energy levels, you’ll feel more tired than usual, so you should try to sleep well.

Doing some relaxation exercises before leaving home will boost your energy. Complement this activity with ginger root tea; it’s the best solution to Libra’s lack of enthusiasm!