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Your insecurity in the relationship will lead you to make a serious mistake that will affect your partner negatively. Checking his/her phone or making false accusations is not typical of you, but Mercury’s influence will lead you to think negatively and commit these types of mistakes.

Obviously your partner won’t take it well. Much less so if it takes place in public and another Libra is involved! You’ll have to face your fears and apologize if you really appreciate this person.

Against this backdrop, you'll have to try hard to restore your relationship. However, it’ll be worth it; sometimes it’s necessary to make some sacrifices for love.

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Your situation is unclear and a disturbing sense of uncertainty has been gaining ground on what appeared to be a clear sign of moving forward.

To make matters worse, you may feel a little worn out. However, in spite of feeling tired and doubtful, you have to keep going.

Stay focused on your current needs, even if you have to distance yourself from people or situations you used to love. Don't act because others simply push you in some kind of way.


Constipation is not an illness in itself, although its consequences, if prolonged, can be very serious. This intestinal alteration is caused by several factors. However, it’s the emotional factor that affects Libras most.

Negative emotions, such as anguish and anxiety, affect you deeply. Keep in mind that the digestive system is closely related to nutrition.

Once you learn to manage your emotions, your discomfort will go away. On the other hand, it’s advisable not to consume too much cellulose, which prevents the proper absorption of nutrients and makes digestion more difficult.