Libra Daily Horoscope for April 16

Your horoscope for Tuesday
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Those born under the Libra Venus skies who have a wounded heart, can start smiling thanks to the stars on this exciting Tuesday. It’s time to reconstruct your inner self and regain your self-esteem.

You’ll be surrounded by your friends and feel that you’re finally moving in the right direction towards a happy life. The obstacles of the past will start disappearing and you’ll leave sadness behind to project new hopes towards the future. Good for you!

Moreover, today you’ll be able to make others happy. Your light and energy will be the source of vitality for your friends and family who are going through a rough patch.  

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You may feel unable and blocked when facing some tasks today. On the other hand, doing things you like at home you’ll be full of energy and eager to overcome all problems. Try to have the same attitude at work.

In order to perform your tasks better, you need to be mentally and physically present. Try to eat healthy and take all necessary measures not to get ill. When it comes to willingness, make an effort to focus.

Don’t act on impulse with regard to investments and financial operations; today is not the best day for certain adventures. Instead, you will receive very interesting ideas that you should appreciate.


When it comes to your health, your priority today should be getting rid of some excesses, such as fatty food, compulsive smoking or developing feelings of anger. Find the balance that characterizes you by activating your internal energy and harmony.

Your digestion may be difficult; therefore, you should eat a high-fiber diet and limit foods that are high in fat. Tobacco not only reduces your energy, but also has some negative long-term effects. Try to reduce the number of cigarettes. Hatred affects your aura negatively. 

If you make an effort to live in a healthy and harmonious way, you will feel more energetic and vital.