Libra Daily Horoscope for February 16

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You’ll feel very satisfied with your relationship. You partner knows what you really need and so do you. You love making others laugh, especially if it's your partner.

Moreover, you’ll agree on making your relationship a bit more open in a way that will suit you both. It doesn’t have to be about sleeping with other people. You can do different things regarding other couples.

You’ll be heard and understood, Libra. Finally, you’ll perceive a change in relationship dynamics. If lately you’ve been more quiet and reserved with your partner, you’ll come out of your shell and be more sociable than ever.

If you’re single, you’ll meet an intelligent person who will radically transform your approach to relationships. You’ll go to a deeper level.

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You’ll have a chance to invest in something that will make you very happy. You’ll take the first step towards fulfilling a long-held dream.

You’ll let go of “I can’t” and your actions will become more dynamic. You’re finally beginning to trust a little more in the quality of your thoughts.

If you’re out of work, planets suggest you joining an association. Altruistic work always favors your income. The universe rewards you when you help others.


Feeling optimistic and strong, you’ll be willing to go out. Celebrate your vitality; just don’t forget to take a jacket with you. The temperatures will drop considerably at midnight.

Flu and colds, mixed with the hangover, are catastrophic. Drink moderately. As most Libras, you like alcohol because it makes you feel more sociable and loving.

At least make sure you have a stodgy dinner, since probably you won’t be able to avoid having those drinks…