Libra Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Your whims make you feel young and vital. However, this attitude is so childish it could cause social rejection.

Your partner has spoiled you and he/she actually enjoys satisfying all your needs. But what do you get out of this helpless attitude? It only lowers your self-esteem.

Remember that if your partner walks out on you, you’ll find it very difficult to turn the page. It’s the disadvantage of not being able to satisfy your own needs,Libra. You have become a passive consumer and now you depend on what others give you.

The best meditation for you at the moment is: "I love and generate love, without expecting anything in return".

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Your loved ones will help you today with your household matters, like moving house or getting ready for a meeting. You may also receive money from them.

It’s nice to enjoy good luck, but remember to keep going. There’s some information you need for the next week that you still don’t have. Don’t get carried away by having fun with your people and focus on your work tasks.

The job of your dreams is on its way but you’ll have to be patient. If you’re unemployed or looking for a new job, you’ll have to accept offers that won’t make you feel fulfilled. However, they’ll help you pay your bills while you keep searching for your dream job.


Your eagerness to live life to the fullest together with the great energy you’ll wake up with today will make you smile till you can no more. Some people might think your happiness is a little exaggerated. Don’t pay attention to them. You’re truly happy!

Squeeze all the fun out of today, get drunk on life and live in the moment. Don’t worry about getting tired; energy attracts more energy.

If you’re meeting your friends tonight, turn on the music and start dancing! People around you will pick up on your positive vibes and feel better, too.