Libra Daily Horoscope for April 17

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Today depending on the moment and situation you’ll need to adopt a more rational attitude or be more sensitive.  However, in general, you’ll appreciate your emotional development that you’ve been going through lately.

During the day you’ll discover the benefits of the water signs. While fire signs will make you feel uncomfortable and those of Earth will plunge you into depressing immobility, the sensitivity of Cancer, the passion of Scorpio and the generosity of Pisces will fill your soul.

Learning from others and being inspired by their kindness will allow you to grow and at the same time offer your maturity and knowledge to others. And so you will enter into a beneficial circle of virtues.

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You may feel undervalued at work. You have to balance all the factors, but if you're doing your best and it still doesn't pay off economically, it's a good time to start thinking about a change of scenery.

Unemployed Libras may have to accept any task in their job hunting. However, when you have more stability, you must be more demanding and find a job that suits your profile. Don’t give up on your priorities.

When it comes to your finances, don't trust anyone today. Someone may be trying to get you into trouble, and easy money always brings problems later. Remember the inviolable principle of honesty.


Discretion and relaxing will lead you in the right direction today. You’ll feel self-confident and able to control everything around you. You’ll find yourself in situations that will threaten this peace but you’ll be able to overcome them.

Reducing your coffee intake and smoking less may be very simple measures to enhance your energy and capacity to relax. Getting up early, getting ready calmly, feeling attractive, or listening to your favorite music are elements that can help you.

Libras who have to travel should take all precautions and safety measures.