Libra Daily Horoscope |


Jupiter's current influence on the sign of Libra will make you doubt your capacity of bonding with others.

You’ll question your capacity of opening up and other things that you value in a relationship. Are you looking for them or do you simply accept what is given to you?

You’ll have to look into the mirror of someone else and take a genuine and honest look at what they are reflecting back to you.

Do you recognize your reflection in the other person? It won’t be easy. This process will make you feel uncomfortable and unspontaneous. However, you’ll have to face it; otherwise, you’re doomed to repeat mistakes that you want to avoid, Libra.

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You’ve been playing an active role in the business world under current planetary transits by following a non-routine line and not complying with the common rules. You know exactly what to expect from certain people, groups or relations.

You’ve currently struck the right balance between idealism and practical realization. And now you understand that there is nothing wrong with asking others for help. Today you’ll come across a generous person who may be of great help regarding your intentions. You’ll benefit from his/her broad vision on life and ability to perform.

Very soon you may be promoted to senior executive and be trusted to handle important sums of money, which will become a natural part of your life. The changes will be based on your individual decisions and excellent organizational capacity.


Take new measures; medicine you’ve been taking until now may be already obsolete. It’s time to visit your family doctor and ask about new treatments.

If necessary, investigate and find out for yourselfabout this rare disease. Western medicine has its limits. This doesn’t mean at any time that you self-medicate, but it never hurts to look for information and ask for a second opinion.

You are still a long way from feeling completely healthy, but with your determination and willingness to continue the struggle, you’ll achieve very positive results soon.