Libra Daily Horoscope |



The feeling of helplessness will accompany you throughout the day. Ask yourself if you’ve done all you can to improve the problematic situation at home. If not, you still have time to find solutions.

Your family environment will be tense so you’ll have to proceed with caution. Think twice before you say anything and don’t get carried away by impulses or visceral reactions. Be diplomatic and sensible.

If you don’t have a partner, the person you like will be very close to you today. You’ll have more than one opportunity to start a conversation. Their approach to life will captivate you and help you a lot.

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You know you’re not at your best economically; however, you’re not in the red, either. It’s just a rough patch. Remember that everything in life is cyclical; cheer up!

However, when it comes to your job, everything you do is bearing fruit. If you have your own business, it’ll expand and the prospects for success will increase. If you are an employee, it’ll be important to show your decision-making power.

Respect the pace of events regarding money. Abundance is not gone from your life; it's just taking you a little longer to achieve your goals, don't give up on them.


A couple of days ago you were worried about the health of your family, but today your own ailments will make you feel down. Make sure you drink enough water and don’t eat too much salt or additives if you want to recover your balance.

Feed the positive and starve the negative. Don’t let your negative thoughts spoil your mood. Avoid pessimistic conversations, catastrophic news, and depressed people.

If you feel that tiredness is taking over you, the best thing you can do is to spend some time in nature. Whether it’s the sea or the mountains; look for a quiet place to recharge your batteries.