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Libra, this Tuesday the prediction of the Astros is still good for you. Love will play the main role today. The connection your partner and you have achieved will help you take that decisive step in your relationship. 

When it comes to your family, you’ll still have to help out your relatives to solve some conflicts. Your ability to mediate and your diplomatic skills will soften the tensions between them.

Single Libras are about to start a beautiful love story. If you’ve just met someone special and started a relationship with him/her, today's horoscope predicts that it’ll develop positively.

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Libra, your economic problems don’t seem to disappear. You’re not in red numbers and you have the support of those around you who are there to lend you a hand. However, this situation has caught you by surprise and you weren’t prepared for it.

In the professional field, you’ll have to take advantage of your leadership skills to find the solution to an obstacle you’ll face today. If you manage to persuade the majority of the team you work with to support you, the victory is yours.

Libras who have their own business will notice that things start getting a little more difficult. It's not that you’ll lose money today, but you won't get the benefits you were counting on either.


Your Libra physical health will still be very good this Tuesday. In fact, you'll feel like joining the gym or participating in a sporting competition. If your body’s asking for more physical activity, go for it.

From an emotional point of view, today will also be a good day, as you’ll feel quite balanced and have your emotions under control. This aspect of your personality that you’ve been worried about lately now seems to have disappeared.

Libra, don’t give up on everything you’ve set out to do to improve your physical and emotional health. The stars will be there to support you and give you extra energy so that you can see results sooner than expected.