Libra Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Arm yourself with patience because dramas will be coming from different fronts. It seems like there’s a general crisis in the hearts of people you love most.

You are perfectly balanced and in relative harmony. Therefore, you could give them a hand comforting and listening to them while they work off their emotional pain.

It’s not your job to save lives and change people’s destinies, but that doesn't take away the fact that today you’ll be a soul therapist, in a certain sense.

You’ll be indirectly affected by the death of a person who was in this world for a long time. It’s difficult to comfort the hearts of the grieving. Only time with its wisdom will place the memories in a privileged space very close to the heart, where the person will be honored and it won’t hurt so much.

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It'll a stressful, but also a very rewarding day, depending on your point of view. You’ll need all your knowledge, skills and talent to solve new problems and perform the best you can.

Be fearless and generate unconventional alternative solutions. They are the key to successful problem solving.

If necessary, question the authority. Once they prove that your solution is the right one, they’ll shut up... Your actions will speak for themselves.


You’re very nervous and stressed, you have to relax! It’s like suddenly you have bad luck… Part of this tension is caused by your constant negative thoughts that get you nowhere. Will I be capable of doing that? Will I ever succeed?

Relieve the excess of tension by tidying up the chaos in your bedroom. Organize the spaces in a way to clear stagnant energy from your home.

Witchcraft is a real problem, although in your case you’ve been protected by your ancestors. Stop worrying about being a victim of evil spells; it’s not the case, Libra.