Libra Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



The stability in your relationship invites you to think about future plans. It’s time to take a step further, Libra, and start a new stage in your life generated by excitement, hope and security of building a life project with someone special.

You’ll have a radiant, hopeful, joyful and euphoric day. No one will be able to take you down. You’ll be on cloud nine, feeling in tune with your loved ones and eager to spread your happiness around you. Reject malicious people.

A person in your social circle will show you the true meaning of loyalty, and you’ll manage to establish a very close relationship with someone unexpected.

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Beware of financial aspect today, Libra. You’re heading towards a windy road. Maybe you’ve been overconfident. Of course, when things go well, it’s easy to relax. However, today the stars advice you to take some things into account.

Expenses are exceeding income, so you need an urgent cash injection. It’s not the end of the month yet and these days may seem to last forever. Therefore, you have to figure out how to increase your earnings.

Nonetheless, your optimism will help you face your financial problems that will be solved little by little if you have faith in brighter future.


All sports, especially team sports, have a competitive factor. They help you develop your ability to overcome difficulties and discover your inner strength that you might have not known. Trying to improve yourself is always a good thing.

But today you run the risk of taking all this to the extreme, and the stars want to remind you that the practice of sport for recreational purposes, which is your case, must have a therapeutic aspect that is blocked if you only take it as a competition. Play for fun, and encourage friendship in sport.