Libra Daily Horoscope |


This Monday you’ll have to be careful and try to avoid drama in your love life. Last week you managed to redirect your relationship, but today you might argue with your partner again.

Even your own friends will seem more exacerbated than usual. You’ll probably have to mediate between them to avoid disagreements, but it won’t be anything serious.

Single Libras have to be careful not to project their own fears and concerns onto people they know. If you need advice, you’d better listen to yourself, because you know best what to do in this situation.

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Your financial matters will be linked to your profession. You’ll find out that you can do more things at work and that your performance is better than usual. You may have lots of work ahead, but you’ll be able to cope with it without difficulty.

 You’ll be pleasantly surprised because your colleagues will also work hard, which will make your general burden lighter. You’ll definitely enjoy specific tasks more.

On the other hand, you’ll have to choose the best work events to go to. Not all the invitations will be interesting when it comes to your benefits. Don’t be afraid to say no and don’t commit yourself to something you don’t feel like doing.


Physically you’ll feel good, but emotionally you’ll be distracted and quite dispersed. Someone in your family may have problems today and this will affect your life. For this reason you’ll have to face some conflicts that will cause you more stress.

External influences will be very important at this moment. Try to spend some time in quiet places that make you feel calm and meet people who are balanced and have a pleasant and engaging personality.

Magic Horoscope recommends you try to relieve your stress and get rid of your worries with art therapies. It doesn’t matter if it’s writing, drawing or music. If you spend your time with people who transmit peace of mind and learn to channel your energy in a constructive way, your day will be much easier.