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One day you wake up and somehow discover that the love you felt has flown away. Does that mean that you’ve never had true feeling for that person? It’s nobody’s fault. What are you supposed to do if you don’t feel the same way anymore?

Instead of looking for the guilty one, ask yourself if the time has come for you to break up, and if so, take action, Libra. Nobody but you can make decision regarding love. Think about time you invest in that person and that he/she will never come back.

Therefore, you can’t stay with a person who gives you nothing out of pity. Follow your instinct, something very good is about to happen…

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There are plenty of sporadic projects and opportunities to make money fast, but you have to open your mind, Libra. You want more money to progress in life, but you find it hard to get started and take the initiative.

If you like dealing with people (which you do, Libra), buying and selling could be your thing. This information could be of use in case you aren’t sure in which direction you want to move your work career.

When you consciously decide to ignore your future, you stop worrying about it. This means that you won't be able to complain about your luck and how badly you're doing, because inaction was the action you chose. Wake up, Libra.


Don’t let your bad habits prevail. In the long run, it can become a dominant character trait. Avoid snapping over little things, and make an effort to control your nerves. It’s like this; there’s no other way to happiness.

Try not to gain weight if you’re prone to being overweight. Don’t complain about your failures in order not to exasperate yourself.  

Fight your negative thoughts and don’t let them dominate you. You’ve won so many daily battles so far, believe in yourself!