Libra Daily Horoscope for April 2

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You may be thinking about breaking up with your partner to start an adventure with that person you feel very attracted to. This temptation is very risky, Libra. Planetary alignments are asking for stability. Sacrifice is an important part of love, although you may not believe it.

You have to learn to be patient. Sometimes in life it’s better to choose a less passionate but more secure option. And you know what? The stars predict that your relationship, no matter how worn out it may seem, still has a lot to offer.

In other words, this relationship that you thought was coming to an end still has a lot of potential. You can start a new, completely different story if you both do your share.

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Your luck regarding finances is about to change, Libra. You’ll notice how your economy will improve if you know how to handle the situation well and take advantage of the opportunities. The recession will be behind you, but you must learn the lessons of the past.

Luck doesn’t mean blind fortune. Money won’t rain down on you and you don’t have to visit every casino to waste your savings. Luck means that the circumstances will change and not only they’ll benefit you, but also open new opportunities.

You’ll have to find a perfect balance between courage and prudence; therefore, analyze all the situations beforehand and don’t make decisions that are too risky.


The stars warn about your abuse of electronic devices and their influence on your good habits. If you fall asleep too late because you’re binge watching TV programs or series, your body will be affected…

On the other hand, it’s very important that you trust your doctor, Libra. If you feel that this trust has been lost, it’s better to ask for a change. This week there will be important issues to deal with, and you need to feel fully confident in that regard.

If you’re not sure about your diagnosis, it’s always a good idea to ask for a second opinion.  What you should never do is self-medicate. Remember that alternative therapies only compliment your treatment.