Libra Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


The situation with your partner will still be a little tense today. You’ll be upset and jump at the slightest situation. Don’t make things worse by starting discussions that lead to nothing and spoil the harmony in your coexistence.

When it comes to your family, you’ll manage to come to an understanding with a close person who tends to get on your nerves. Be patient and do your best to keep things calm if you don't want to create more conflicts.

Your agenda is still full of commitments, friends’ meetings, company and business lunches that will take a lot of your time. Try to take some time to enjoy your relationship and see your family members.

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Regarding finances, your economy will be positively influenced by the stars. However, take your time to think before making important decisions. It’s not advisable to rush to spend large sums of money.

Professionally, it’s a perfect day to establish new alliances at work. Cooperation and teamwork will be the key to achieve your goals more quickly.

If you have your own business, today you’ll be able to present a new product or service that will increase your client portfolio. The novelty will give you many chances to double your income and ensure the success of your business.


Your health won’t be as good as it was last month. August starts with some physical problems that will partly affect your mood. It won't be anything serious if you go to the doctor on time. Try a detoxifying diet to purify your body.

Emotionally you’ll feel good; however, some concerns related to your physical health and personal life could destabilize you. To avoid this, there’s nothing better than a good conversation with someone you trust.

If lately, you’ve looked into mindfulness or meditation techniques, it’s a good day to put them into practice and incorporate them into your routine. A few minutes of mental relaxation each day will lead you to an important change in your well-being.