Libra Daily Horoscope |



When facing a dilemma, don‘t lose your cool, Libra. Look at the consequences of your own decision in perspective.

The year has just started but rumors and gossip are all around your relationship. It’s not your partner’s fault. It’s you who pay attention to all these malicious words. You know well that your love is envy proof.

You’ll confirm that as soon as you talk to your partner asking for an explanation. You need more of this rational love in your life; don’t get carried away by the first impulses which are often manipulated by others and by our own ghosts.

Love brings you happiness and well-being, but remember that there are more goals in life you must achieve, especially in the first days of the year. Don’t get distracted.

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The vision you have of your own life is decisive for your success. Your actions have to be in line with the ideas you have of yourself, Libra.

Today’s task for you is to anticipate, think and act to become a better version of you, and keep doing it on a daily basis with perseverance and determination.

There are decisions that can no longer be postponed. Choosing between two alternatives is one of the most difficult things you can ask Libra to do, but sometimes there’s no other choice.

Just choose the way you think is right for you and follow it, it’s that simple. Jumping from place to place affects you and delays your dreams.


When you feel disorientated, destabilized and/or in doubt, write what you want on a white piece of paper where it can be seen clearly. Write down not only what you really wish for but also things you don’t want. This will help you regain confidence and find your place in the universe, Libra.

You may not know but fresh air has an enormous influence on you. What about a walk in the park today that you used to enjoy so much? Even the machinery needs to be disconnected to function properly. Do the same. Enjoy beautiful landscapes, fresh air and skin warming sun.