Libra Daily Horoscope for June 2

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Today love will prevail in your life, so it’s a good moment to make plans with your partner. Going out for dinner or doing something together will help you create a positive atmosphere to express each other’s feelings.

Single Libras will have an important challenge: they’ll be able to conquer and seduce. However, be careful who you direct your magnetic force at, since you could get involved with a person who is already in a relationship.

It’s a good moment to look over your values and personal principles related to relationships. Honesty has to be your main objective with your friends and your partner. Remember that Karma exists and you get what you give.

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Your income will directly depend on your profession, and you’ll meet people who will bring you interesting economic opportunities. Business travel will also be part of a new, more favorable financial outlook.

You are progressively moving towards a new future that is very promising in terms of employment. At the moment you can’t see the fruits of your effort, but you soon will. You’ll have enough strength to compete and succeed in professional challenges.

There won’t be any important changes during the first days of the month; however, you can be sure that luck is on your side. Don't let your guard down and continue to fulfill your obligations at work.


Today you can take advantage of the day in a very constructive way in terms of health, since you’ll feel strong and motivated to do various things. Your discipline towards sport and food has helped you to keep in shape, don’t neglect your good habits.

On an emotional level, you’re learning to deal with situations that you used to find very uncomfortable and run away from. It’s essential that you look inside yourself to find out what you want to change.

Let yourself give your best to the people around you naturally. No one will judge you for the mistakes you made in the past if you know how to assume them with dignity. Try to rectify the way you see and feel things.