Libra Daily Horoscope for March 2

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You’re so sociable that sometimes you’re unaware you end up talking all by yourself. Involve others in your conversation, ask for their opinion and, if you see you’re boring them, ask if they want to continue.

Let other people share their point of view. Otherwise, how are you going to learn, Libra?

As a recommendation, avoid repeating stories no matter how much you like them, and if you're in a gathering of old and new friends, try to generate conversations everyone can join in.

A newcomer to the circle of friends can't say anything about that time you got lost in the middle of the woods or that other time when you got drunk and it didn't end very well.

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Every journey is worth it if you put your heart in it. Otherwise, the road takes you nowhere. Your happiness depends on how much you are able to enjoy the ride. Some journeys make you stronger; others weaken you and make you curse your life.

Open yourself to new stimuli that have always been there in your life but you have never paid attention to. You may have unconsciously resisted seeing some things at work until now when you’re ready to deal with them.

Today you’ll discover something that will truly nourish your soul and prepare you to follow your heart when making choices.


Are you suffering from muscle pain? Your body is trying to tell you something. You can’t make it disappear with a pill. It’s important you understand its causes first in order to stop making that movement, or at least, do things differently.

Sometimes this pain goes away quickly but sometimes it persists. If you go on like this for several days, it’s a good idea to prepare a warm compress.

If the pain is localized, for example it affects only your shoulder joint; it could lead you to serious consequences if you do nothing about it.

Boil two liters of water and add a spoonful of willow bark, rosemary and arnica and soak a rag in it. Repeat it every few minutes, making sure that the compress is always hot.