Magical Horoscope 7
Magical Horoscope 7 | Magic Horoscope



In the realm of love, adventures may go wrong and stable relationships will stagger. Disillusionment, betrayal and frustration come to mind and threaten to destabilize you. However, you must develop a greater degree of maturity in love.

That happens by empowering a much deeper love for yourself. You have to love yourself much more, Libra, and feel more attractive and more powerful. You have many qualities that you don’t know about and you don’t take advantage of. It’s time to highlight them.

This way you’ll learn that the failures in love, as most of the paths of life, always end up leading to something new, refreshing and exciting.

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The stars foresee a decrease in Libras’ income levels at the beginning of May, but this should not necessarily lead you to anxiety and panic. Accepting the negative juncture in your economy is the first step in normalizing the situation and dealing with it.

Your ability to overcome difficulties will help you leave this period of recession behind. But the stars encourage you to see this moment as an opportunity to give importance to other things. It’s a perfect moment to foster the detachment from the material.

At work, Libras will feel liberated from certain chains that prevented the development of their certain skills necessary for success.


Today you’ll have to face some ailments due to the accumulation of fatigue. You’ll feel discomfort in your back and legs. If you spend most of the time at work standing, remember to have breaks and rest periodically.

However, the problem is structural, not momentary, so you should take advantage of the coming days (especially the weekend) to rest and even consider the possibility of having a massage and treatment for the back, legs and feet.

Otherwise, today you should deepen your ability to relax. The more tension you feel, the more your body suffers, and the high levels of stress only make it worse.