Libra Daily Horoscope |



You see so many people around you involved in relationships while you’re dying to have one, life’s so unfair!

Look at the bright side; now you know exactly what you want in a relationship with a partner: a person who’d walk with you along the path of life and who’d be naturally faithful to you.

Be honest with yourself. Sporadic relationships may do more harm than good. Take care of your emotions, which are the main source of your well-being, Libra.

Keep an eye out for water-sign people who’ll surround you these days. They’ll bring nothing but pure drama, Libra!

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Economic boost that you’ll experience thanks to well-aspected Saturn on Jupiter won’t be immediately noticed. You’re on a roll of slow but steady growth.

As your self-confidence increases, you start accepting the challenges that come your way. There’re great possibilities of receiving a small incentive at work. You’ll be rewarded for you commitment to everything you do and believe in.

At this point of your life you may not feel highly appreciated in other areas, but you can definitely find comfort at work. Your inner sense of empowerment is essential to success.


It’s important and necessary to know how to take care of your and other people’s health. There’re many acute health problems with mild symptoms (colds, cough, pain, etc.) that you’ll be prone to these days.

Don't fall into the trap of self-medication. When you consume medicine on your own initiative, you may unconsciously make many mistakes. As a consequence, your illness might become drug resistant.

Take your medication as prescribed by your doctor, Libra.