Libra Daily Horoscope |


Are you having a bad day? Take it easy and remember it's not the best day to start an argument.

If you've already had a couple of fierce rows, try to moderate your energy. Maybe it's your strong temper that's causing all the misunderstandings?

Usually you express your disagreement politely but today must be one of those days when you’ve decided to explode. Be careful or you may be left on your own because today you’ve decided to change your personality completely. People won't like it.

When it comes to relationships, anger and lack of empathy on both sides will be very evident. Try to be the conciliatory adult you didn’t have as a child.

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Be honest and you'll get everything you set your mind to and more. Facts are facts and if you try to alter or distort them in any way, this will come against you.

Immediately cease all the activities that aren’t based on absolute honesty or go against your values. They don't do you any good and in the long run they’ll cause problems that will be difficult to solve…

It’s better to live modestly than be constantly worried that your lies will be discovered, don’t you think? Adapt your lifestyle to your real efforts and nobody in this world will be ever able to blame you for your impeccable behavior.

If you’re looking for a job, you’ll be offered to take part in some illegal and quite murky matters. Magic Horoscope suggests you not to accept it, Libra. It’ll only cause you trouble.


You think cooking is a nuisance but you’ll have no other option if you want to keep fit, Libra.

Planning your meals not only helps you save time but also makes you aware of what you’re eating at all times. Don’t trust restaurants. Even if they offer apparently healthy dishes, you never know how they’ve been prepared.

If you’re worried about the fact that you never have the right ingredients, think in advance what you’d like to eat and go to the supermarket with a shopping list. This way you can always make different dishes and buy the ingredients you need, it’s that simple.