Magical Horoscope 7 | Magic Horoscope


You’ll look for emotional security in your partner and family, but the truth is that during this transit, they’ll be more focused on their own matters and will have little time for you.

The stars are trying to tell you that being in harmony with others doesn’t mean that they will always be there for you when you need them, Libra.

You’ll have to be patient and learn to deal with your problems on your own. Your loved ones will make time for you once you have done the hard work of processing your emotions. You’ll realize that this has benefited you more than you thought because it’ll make you stronger.

Resist by all means the urge to call your ex-partner to tell him/her about your sorrows. Be strong and remember that this person will be pleased that things aren’t going well for you, Libra.

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You’ll be actively looking for ways to improve your financial situation. However, you’re not a savings account: possessions may make your life easier but they don’t define it.

This bargain that you’ve just bought may be just another useless object. Don’t go window shopping if there’s nothing you really need; otherwise, you end up purchasing unnecessary items.

You still have the chance to make some positive investments if you start considering your real needs instead of being carried away by shiny things.


You’ve been looking for causes of your symptoms, you’ve tried different therapies but you feel that you won’t be able to solve your problems with conventional methods...

Some intolerance can powerfully affect your emotions. Your diet and not eating certain food can cause changes in the chemical balance in your brain and, therefore, in your mood.

Maybe you’ve been looking for answers in the wrong places. Find out more about the exceptional functions of food and you won't regret it.

It is known that, for example, eating cheese elevates your serotonin levels, something that always soothes the feeling of discomfort.