Libra Daily Horoscope |



Today you’ll realize that your relationship is going through changes and that you don’t have full control over it any more. You have to learn to give in, Libra. Your life will become more harmonious if you let go of the past and responsibilities.

 Involving your partner is also a way to revitalize your relationship and gain complicity. Now more than ever you have to encourage conversations, always prioritizing sincerity. Being more understanding and empathetic is a sign of strength, not weakness.

Today you may feel a little irritable, especially with some acquaintances. Sometimes it's better to ignore others, Libra, and go about your business.

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A new conflict regarding your salary may make you feel that you’re undervalued at work, Libra. It’s time to stand up for yourself. However, make sure you have another job offer first, a plan B. When you feel ready, take a step forward and turn the page.

The stars foresee some instability when it comes to work in Venus, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Take advantage of the influence of Uranus transit in Taurus to make some radical changes and make your professional profile more worthwhile.

 Money demands a little more patience, Libra. Haste and anxiety can lead you to take a false step. The more you are able to adapt to change, the better.


You are more and more open to alternative therapies, new ways of taking care of your body and living in a more harmonious and healthier way. However, when you’re new to this, it's easy to be fooled, dear Libra. Beware of scammer and always look for professional advice.

Although some of these therapies aren’t catalogued as scientific methods, nor demonstrated empirically, they have their own logic and many of them work if they are performed by a professional. Take advantage of their benefits without wasting your money. It's all about common sense.

The stars encourage you to explore the benefits of traditional Chinese medicine. Acupuncture, for example, can be a good remedy for stress and pain relief.