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Today the stars are on your side. Your partner will surprise you with a very romantic gesture. It may be an unexpected dinner, a present, or a proposal you haven’t counted on. It’s definitely a good day for love!

It’s in your nature to be very careful with your loved ones as not to hurt them. You’re one of the most generous and balanced signs of all. You also have great negotiation skills. All these characteristics will bring you very positive results today.

Single Libras will be carried away with first impressions, which is so typical of your sign. Try not to raise the bar too high and get to know the people before you judge them.

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You’ve done your homework on money and now you have enough to live comfortably. Obviously you can always do more, but that depends on your willingness to take risks.

At work you’ll have to make some extra effort today to get the job done and meet deadlines. Your energy is a little dispersed; therefore, you should avoid any kind of distraction.

You’ll probably have to give a talk to your work partners or colleagues. If you’re in charge of employees, they’ll receive your advice happily and admire your skills to go from one topic to another in a completely natural way.


Although your physical health is good, you should take care of your body with more enthusiasm. Prevention is the best medicine. Don’t wait until the symptoms appear and it’s too late.

On the other hand, you’ll feel lots in internal tension today. Your habit to repress your feelings in order to avoid conflicts will turn against you. You should learn to express your opinion instead of keeping quiet.

You’re always looking for harmony and you sometimes forget that it’s ok to get angry and be a part of a conflict. All emotions are a part of us; don’t control yourself so much!