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Any new relationship requires objectivity, no matter how fabulous the possibilities seem to be.

Before you open your heart, make sure they are free to love you. One positive aspect of the current influence is that you are the epitome of selflessness, and you can dedicate yourself to the well-being of others.

You’ve never lacked suitors. And it’s true that you’ve always liked to keep their expectations high, even when you have no intention of anything apart from having fun.

And if you already have a partner, the planetary transits will complicate things. Your significant other may discover those relationships that you’ve kept secret from him/her. It's time to make things clear and decide who you want to spend your life with.

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Take care of your valuables, because you could lose them today. Sometimes you have your head in the clouds and it can make you distracted.

You shouldn’t let go of anything that causes you happiness, no matter how much you love others. If later you regret it, that’s not true altruism, Libra.

If you feel doubtful regarding some investments, don’t go for them. Transparency is essential in these matters. Forget about false promises in the long term; they won’t turn out well in the workplace because this business doesn’t have a future projection.


Monotony is one of the biggest traps you can fall into, so check your habits. In health, as in other areas of life, it’s very important to stay motivated.

If you tend to go for walks and suddenly don't feel like it, maybe you got bored with the same routes and it’s time to change them.

The same thing happens with the way you exercise. You may get tired of the same routines in the gym and end up quitting.

Why don’t you look for new ideas online or join your partner or friends in their activities?