Libra Daily Horoscope |


Single Libras will have to make a difficult decision, which will force them to choose between sacrificing their own freedom for a new and exciting relationship, and sacrificing this promising love in order to preserve freedom. You can't have everything, Libra; you have to be aware of that.

But you have reached a degree of maturity in your decision making that will make you see things much more clearly. Every relationship involves sacrifice, not a loss in the pejorative sense of the word, but an assumption of responsibility and commitment. 

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This week you’ll have various opportunities to increase your income. However, haste and euphoria can lead to a bad analysis of the situation. The stars recommend that you seek the advice of an expert to avoid making big mistakes.

On the other hand, home improvements can no longer wait and today is a very propitious day for those born under your sign to start alterations. You'll find very affordable prices and the energy needed to address those small tweaks that mean a lot to you.

At work you’ll have to perform tasks that are not to your liking, but that is where you can show your true commitment and secure your job. Seriousness is always rewarded.


It’s time to get rid of foot pain. Long and intense days require you to wear comfortable and pleasant footwear, which is not too closed, so that your feet can comfortably distribute the weight of your body.

You’ll also have to be more careful today with your postures when you lift heavy objects. You should bend at the hips and knees and slowly lift the object by straightening your legs (not your back). Avoid bending your back and risking suffering from a hernia or a spinal injury.

If you’re going to celebrate something today, be careful; wine can be very treacherous, and not only make you feel sleepy and dizzy, but lead you to a horrible hangover the next day, Libra.