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Love can appear in the most mundane circumstances... Love is not always like in the movies and if you continue waiting, you may be left on the shelf, Libra.

Instead of that, why don’t you lower your expectations a little bit? If the person you like has the same or similar values, it really doesn’t matter how you met or if you both are engaged in an extremely interesting activity.

Focus on getting to know him/her better. Long conversations are great to know someone in depth. Dates doing outdoor activities or watching movies can wait, since you can’t communicate that much in them.

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The hidden and visible issues are equally important. You have a feeling that good things are about to happen, but this sensitivity can lead you to occasional misunderstandings. You can reveal more than you want...

If you're worried about someone's behavior, think twice before you act. That person may not want your help. Beware not to make enemies this way. Respect other people’s rhythm of evolution.

 A wiser way to spend your time is to think about ways to restructure or repay your outstanding debts. Your financial partners may also need your attention.


Stop wondering why. This question will always lead you to sadness and depression. Better ask yourself what for. Why did this person die? Why did you get sick? These questions don’t have an answer, Libra.

The quality of your thoughts will improve once you focus more on your pragmatic thoughts, instead of thinking about toxic people and events from your past.

Focus on the here and nowand you'll see that the clouds will clear and you’ll feel much better. Happiness is a matter of attitude.