Magical Horoscope 7
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Today is one of those days when you’ll find it difficult to get out of bed. Your relationship is not at its best and neither are you. Don't give in to sadness, look for solutions.

If you're dealing with a breakup, instead of justifying your behavior and looking for guilty ones, it would be nice if you started wondering what you've learned from that situation. In the end, relationships are just mirrors that reflect our inner state.

Fighting fire with fire won’t help, Libra. If that’s what you’ve been doing lately, it’s not going to work out. You can’t continue to delay the moment; the love you expect will come when you heal your emotional wounds.

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You don't have financial difficulties, but it's true that you've spent too much over the last few months, which will put you in a tight spot. You know you have the resources to get out of this situation, but don't overstep the mark.

If you feel like changing your job and you really need it, go for it. However, make sure that this change is a real professional need and doesn’t come from your temporary necessity to flight.

Look for strength inside you to take care of your work and economic situation. Feeling sorry for yourself won’t help; you must take action in order to solve your problems.


If your body is sending your clear signals of exhaustion, have some rest, but don't give up physical activity altogether. You know that going for a jog and doing sports do you lots of good and it’s a good way to relieve tensions.

Your inner worries are louder than howling winds and you can no longer ignore them. You've been looking away for too long, and now it's time to face them and listen to yourself.

Don't be in a rush, as personal growth is a very slow process and it’s hard to notice your own transformation. You can’t change habits established years ago from one day to another, but you can start correcting them.