Libra Daily Horoscope for April 24

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In your relationship small things that don’t matter will turn into big problems. If you feel like you can’t take it anymore, go out with your friends and refresh your mind. Earlier or later you’ll have to face important conversations, but not today.

You may have a feeling that your relationship has become too boring and material. Therefore, you should develop a spiritual dimension and seek connection with your partner. A gastronomic outing would be ideal: exotic and foreign food could become a refreshing experience.

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Astral confluence will lead you to take advantage of a number of bargains and offers. Things you’ve wanted to buy for a long time will finally be affordable. However, you should control your spending; otherwise, you’ll spend money you don’t have.

The same applies to helping your friends. You’re not a charity bank, Libra, and even if you feel like helping because you’re an altruist, your friends (and you) have to understand that it’s impossible to lend everybody a hand. It’s not always about money; you can help your friends in other ways, too.

 At work your colleague’s opposing opinions will start annoying you. Until now they seemed to be constructive criticism but now they’ve become poisoned darts.


Going back to some old vices can affect your health very negatively, Libra. The stars ask you to make more effort and quit tobacco, alcohol and other harmful habits. In the long run you’ll feel much more vital and eager to conquer the world.   

Another problem today will be your stomach. Eating too much spicy and acidic food may affect your gastric resistance and lead to diarrhea or abdominal pain. Try to eat light.

Your nervous system plays an important role in temptation to go back to old habits or digestive disorders. It all starts with your mind, Libra, don’t forget that.