Libra Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



The energy that emerges from the planet Venus next to Mercury will make your day perfect for socializing. If you have a party or a get-together today, they’ll be a success.

It’s very probable that your inner expansion will lead you to conversations about love and relationships instead of taking a lead role in them. It’s ok, your conversations will be very inspiring and funny!

Other people, who will also be having a great day, will be eager to approach you and spend time with you. Good vibes are contagious and they tend to find each other. Don’t worry about someone not liking you, your intuition will guide you.

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You’re right to think you’re on the right track. Make sure you revise your ideas various times because otherwise you might wander away from your initial plan.

Your mind will have a tremendous potential today and you should take advantage of it. Immerse yourself in your rich inner world and let creativity take over you at work.

If you’re facing economic problems at home, don’t let it affect your relationship. Soon the pending payments will be made, therefore, don’t lose your temper although you paid your share a long time ago, Libra.


Today's astral configuration will take you straight to the well-being you’ve been waiting for so long. It may be a very good idea to ask for advice and support from that friend who’s been doing so well lately and who has great health.

In order to motivate this person to help you, you’ll have to commit yourself to following his/her nutrition plan and advice, at least for some time.

If you do sports, don't forget to change your clothes as soon as you finish, since wearing sweaty clothes could lead you to catch a cold. Good health starts with good hygiene, so change your clothes as often as necessary.