Libra Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Today things will calm down regarding love; therefore, it’ll be a good day to enjoy intimate moments with your partner. Encourage communication at all costs and act from the heart; it’s the only way to fix things.

If you don't have a partner, today you’ll meet someone who will attract your attention; however, it won’t turn into anything serious. You aren’t ready to start a love affair.

Try to value people for their qualities and not for their physical appearance, and look beyond your own selfish desires. Learn to respect people's decisions, and if you get a no, don't force things. Your tendency to insist will only make that person move further away.

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You’ll be able to make an important change in your economic life if you have enough patience and dedication. New projects are awaiting you and will come to light under the right circumstances. Meanwhile, don't complicate things and let your instincts guide you.

Your job has always been your main support; therefore, you shouldn’t put it at risk. Try to solve conflicts yourself by making the right decisions instead of passing the buck and involving others.

In spite of all difficulties, the Cosmos will send you enough light to find the right path. Don’t despair; you’ll know how to find the solution to each problem.


In order to improve your health, it’s not enough to do exercise and eat healthy. You also have to rest properly and work on your emotions.

If you find it hard to admit your mistakes and tend to reject your deepest feelings, it’s time to look inside yourself. It’s a good idea to try a therapy, since some of your childhood issues don’t let you move forward.

Your inner self wants to get out; stop acting like you’re perfect in order to get along with everybody. Take off your mask and show yourself as you really are. Dare to express yourself in new ways and to make mistakes. It’ll set you free.