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Today is a perfect day to organize a meeting with your friends or simply hang out with your partner. Forget about all the obligations that you always have in your mind. It’s Saturday!

You deserve a break, and honestly, you’ll be at your best socializing and hanging out with your loved ones. Give in to this feeling and make the most of life.

Throughout life we are so immersed in our own mental world that we don’t realize that every day we dedicate less time to our friends, partner or family.

Don't let your obligations distance you from what really matters. Fortunately you are more aware of this than the rest of the zodiac signs.

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Someone is using all their knowledge to subject you to power games that have nothing to do with your work. Try to control yourself when you express your ideas. Everyone seems friendly around you but they could be weaving a delicate trap.

Don’t let paranoia haunt you. However, don’t believe everything you hear even if it comes from workmates you appreciate.  Even the most well-intentioned hearts may be corrupted by greed and desire for promotion.

If you have a job interview soon, pay close attention to the person who is going to evaluate you. Looking into their eyes is the best way to show that you have confidence in yourself and that you know what you are worth. Go for it!


The best advice for you is to set attainable goals, Libra. You love looking your best all the time; however, last Christmas you gained some weight which you need to shed.

A whole year is still ahead of you; don't panic because you haven't been able to lose weight as quickly as you thought! Your metabolism is slowing down and it’ll still take you some time to accelerate fat burning.

Losing 1 kilo a month, and above all, not regaining it is something easy to do, as long as you exerciseat least half an hour every day, eat just enough and drink plenty of water. It’s easy if you put it that way!