Libra Daily Horoscope |


After a week of agitation and tension in the terrain of love, things will finally calm down today. Your relationship with your family and your partner will take a new much more harmonious direction, so it's a good time to spend time together.

If you put aside your prejudices about people and give yourself time to get to know them better, your relationships will become deeper and more meaningful. Communicate from the heart, not from the head.

Forget your obsession to look good and be a correct person at all times; others value authenticity more than perfection. Enjoy moments of ease and fluidity in your relationships, whether with friends, family or new people who will appear in your life.

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Today money won’t be a source of concern for you. In fact, you’re never worried about money since your income is assured thanks to your work. Sometimes this leads you to spend more than you should.

Regarding your job, you’ll keep thinking that you need changes. However, these changes are more related to your workplace than your profession. Maybe you should consider whether what you're doing is what you really want.

It’s hard for you to get out of your comfort zone, so you're not likely to change your job in a short term. Nor will your financial situation change noticeably.


Physically you’ll feel well, except for some digestive disorder that you suffer once in a while. You’re generally in a good shape, since you take care of yourself. Sport is a perfect escape mechanism for you.

You should not only take care of your physical health, but also of you inner world, which lately has been quite abandoned. Use your willpower to make a radical change regarding your psyche.

Take a break and spend some time on your own. Ask yourself what you really expect from life. Get to know yourself better and stop running away from your true feelings. Find out who you really are.