Libra Daily Horoscope |


You tend to get lost in your emotions, rather than being present in the relationship. When you are well, life is rosy and you think your relationship is perfect, but when clouds pass through your happy sky, you drag your partner with you to hell.

For a moment put yourself in your partner’s shoes. It looks like you’re not being very sympathetic. You partner may sometimes be a little inconsiderate with you, too. However, one of you has to take the first step towards understanding.

Single Libras have to change their belief that no matter how hard they search, they will never find their better half. That's not true!

You’ll discover that when you start thinking positively, the right person will come along. No one is like you, but you can learn to love the differences.

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All you have to do today is combine intuition with a proper sense of mission. It’s a great idea to focus on your tasks and ignore all the external distractions like a mobile phone or invitations to go out.

Your superiors see potential in you, so you are in a perfect position to be promoted in your company. Make them notice you by standing out.

Don’t forget that there will always be someone envious of your talent. Don’t pay any attention to these people, Libra! Soon you’ll be earning much more money than you’re used to. So get used to the idea of all the success that is awaiting you!


Today you’ll be very busy, your mind and body will be hyperactive. It seems that you never get tired, which is amazing when it comes to your ambitions and goals.

However, beware of side effects, tiredness could lead you to a severe exhaustion of your nervous system, causing insomnia, which you never used to have, because you don’t go to bed on time.

Not sleeping enough affects your memory. So even if you don’t feel like it, try to go to bed earlier.