Libra Daily Horoscope |



Today’s planetary disposition will make you wish that things were different with a certain person. You find it hard to understand why after all the time and energy you’ve dedicated to him/her, he/she still doesn’t love you the same way you love them.

Give it time, Libra. Everyone has their own internal rhythm. As long as you both get on well and have good intentions, don’t waste time worrying about anything else.

Change your point of view and learn to appreciate everything this person gives you, reasons you’re so in love with him/her, instead of constantly complaining about things you lack in a relationship.

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A colleague at work or someone related to your company can make you open your eyes today, don't ignore the things you’ll hear...

There’re also some people who will try to weaken you by questioning all your actions. Don’t pay attention to them, they don’t wish you well. They don’t want you to shine or stand out.

External judgments, whether they’re positive or negative, should never affect your self-esteem. Take advantage of everything that favors your destiny and fell free to toss aside those who want you to think you’re worthless.

It’s time to invest in your appearance and feel more powerful than ever. Although it might sounds superficial, dressing in accordance with your values makes you boost your presence at work.


Your body will feel heavy today. Hard Uranus transit will affect your back. You won’t be sure how to describe it, but you’ll feel pains you’ve never had before.

You may not notice it, but poor posture while sitting puts stress on the muscles which can cause pain and damage.

Back strengthening exercises like Pilates and Yoga will help your body naturally adopt a position that won’t cause you any problems, Libra.