Libra Daily Horoscope |


You’ll have a very good day regarding your heart matters, since your partner will support you in everything, including complications that may arise in your workplace. He won't let you face your problems alone.

On the other hand, this week will begin with a lot of sexual activity, so you’ll live very passionate moments with your partner. If the magic had resented due to routine and daily obligations, it’s high time you reconquered it.

If you don't have a partner, you’ll have romances and love affairs. However, they’ll be temporary. You’re a player and it’s not the right time to start a serious relationship.

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Today there won’t be many changes regarding money; therefore, your economy will stay stable. You’ll be able to face all your expenses and even increase your income a little bit.

When it comes to work, you have to be careful with your character since your success at work depends on it.  Exploit your kindness and sociability to empathize with your colleagues and potential clients. This will give you extra points.

On the other hand, your partner will be very successful professionally and economically and he/she will share it with you. You’ll enjoy fantastic moments indirectly. Otherwise, it’ll be a calm day regarding your finances and your job.


You’ll have very good health today and all week long. You may find it a little hard to focus but your willpower will help you clear your mind and concentrate on important matters towards the midweek.

Your body will be especially open to accepting positive changes in your diet, so you should take advantage of the moment and start a healthier way of life. In this way, not only you’ll get rid of those extra pounds, but you will also contribute to your health.

Don't forget your emotional side, and learn to express your emotions and feelings. This will improve communication with yourself and those around you.