Libra Daily Horoscope for April 28

Your Horoscope for Sunday
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Past mistakes and regret are holding back your chances of moving forward. Sooner or later you’ll have to face a process of catharsis that begins by recognizing your mistakes and confessing them. The result will be an impulse-laden inner liberation.

And that impulse will take you forward to meet new people and live new experiences. But beware, don’t confuse acknowledging and asking for forgiveness with punishing yourself. There’s a big difference between admitting your fault and becoming a victim.

Today it’s very important that you learn to apologize and review your past. However, beware of people from the past who want to take advantage of the situation to hurt you. 

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Social networks are a good opportunity to find work; therefore, unemployed Libras will have an opportunity to discover new options this Sunday. The stars see a network connection between the sign of Libra and employment.

The Internet may not only help you find a new job but also offer you new opportunities for the creation of online projects. You’ll have to squeeze your brain and open your mind to imaginative solutions that will allow you to grow professionally.

To create a business, contrary to what you think, you don't need much capital, Libra. All it takes is a great idea and a lot of energy to pull it off. 


If lately you’ve been having digestive problems and things don’t seem to get better, you must pay an urgent visit to a doctor since it could be something serious. It also may be sign that you must pay more attention to your health.

Even if you’re ok and don’t feel any pain, you have to remember to go for medical check-ups regularly. If you’re getting on in years, your health deserves a lot more attention than you're giving it. And there will come a day when no obligations will be an excuse.

The stars also recommend eating light and moderating your celebrations today. It may sound boring but soon you’ll be grateful for that.