Libra Daily Horoscope for August 28

Your Horoscope for Wednesday
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Libras will be benefited today when it comes to relationships. If you’ve been able to solve little disagreements with your partner, you’ll deepen your emotional connection.

When it comes to family, Magic Horoscope has got some good news for Libra. You’ll enjoy a calm atmosphere at home and you’ll be able to avoid discussions with your family members. Your kids will be willing to cheer you up today.

If you’re single, things won’t change but this Wednesday you’re going to have more opportunities to meet like-minded people. Start by showing the warm side of you and expressing your feelings.

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It’s a good moment for your economy, Libra. The stars predict great benefits if you take advantage of your analytical mind when deciding on your investments. However, don’t trust those who will be trying to impress you in the financial field.

This Wednesday you’ll be on a winning streak when it comes to working.  Everyone respects you and you tend to achieve what you set out to do without making much effort. The stars are on your side today to help you win.

In general, the predictions are very positive for you regarding money and your profession. Your work environment will favor you, as your colleagues and partners will be there to support you and lend you a hand.


Your health will be very good today, especially if you follow your instinct and give your body what it needs. Learn to listen to your body and give it what it’s asking you for. Let it dictate the rhythm of work and rest, too.

Emotionally you’re in a good moment. You’ll be positive and willing to take part in social and leisure activities that make you feel relaxed.  

Simply follow the advice of the stars when they warn you not to repress your emotions when it comes to the needs of other people. Learning to take care of yourself and making only the necessary concessions will be your lesson for today.