Libra Daily Horoscope |



Today is a perfect day to go out and socialize. You’ll be eager to hang out alone with your friends and have fun like you used to, before each of you built your own family.

You’ll realize that perfect relationships simply don’t exist. Although you and your significant other are in love, he/she still finds it hard to understand that you have your own friends and you don’t have to spend all your free time together.

Don’t put up with extreme jealousy or negative signs of affection, such as your partner controlling your mobile phone or telling you what to wear, Libra. You may accept a suggestion, but never an imposition!

Therefore, go out, have fun and leave your partner at home. If he/she really loves you, he/she’ll be willing to set you free.

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Enormously positive events that are awaiting you will either boost your career or increase your economic capacity.

It’s possible you find a better job than the previous one during this planetary transit. No need to go chasing new job positions, the job may actually find you, in case you’re not happy with your current one.

You’ll be able to make the right decisions and keep your promises without any problems. Taking out a loan or a mortgage will be a matter of course and you’ll get them easily.


Today's planetary energy encourages you to pay attention to your health, since you tend to forget its importance occupying your mind with abstract matters.

It’s important that you learn to appreciate your good health that you usually take for granted and do everything you can to maintain it. We never know what tomorrow will bring to teach us a lesson and make us more conscious.

Set yourself simple and easy goals that in the long run will become habits that will prevent you from illnesses. Why not drink more water and try to reduce food portions?