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This week will end with the recovery of lost sensations in your relationship, and that is something that you have to take advantage of and know how to value. You run the risk of falling into a passive defensive position. If you manage to liberate yourself, you’ll be more understanding and sympathetic.

Some conflicts with your friends may endanger your emotional balance at some point today. Try to look for your inner peace at the end of the day. It’ll help you solve problems in a sensible way.

It is increasingly evident that you need new resources to discover new perspectives. Deep esoteric knowledge may lead you to new horizons.

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An idea that didn’t seem to be very relevant will suddenly emerge as a valuable source for new opportunities. Explored paths must never be forgotten,Libra. Today the stars will lead you to the path you once walked on.

However, beware. The return of past ideas and putting them into practice won’t bring you immediate success. Intuition may be a good recourse but if you forget the importance of effort and self-sacrifice, sooner or later it’ll lead you to failure again. It’s time to combine all your virtues to achieve success aligning your head, heart and spirit.

It’s also a good day for Libras you have and exam today.


Vibratory waves around you can create a negative energy field around your aura, so the advice of the stars for today is to try to isolate yourself from noise and movement as much as possible. The moments of solitude will be the most rewarding.

Moreover, a hotbath can help you to relax and end an intense day. For this Thursday, a bath with herbs (rosemary and thyme are the most suitable to relax and purify you) will work wonders.

If you have a trustworthy person next to you, you can ask for a good massage. This is a reward you deserve for your intense week. You’re worth it, Libra!