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Libra Daily Horoscope for December 29

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A difficult childhood is not something to be taken lightly. A rather conflictive relationship with your parents may be the reason behind the difficulty to develop a functioning love relationship.

But remember one thing! Don’t miss out on what’s happening now because of what’s happened in the past! Don’t lose yourself in something that will not come back. Forgive those who have hurt you and start over.

Let their wrongdoings show you the way you want to take. Your greatest victory will be not repeating what they have done to you. Only love will heal the pain.

You are in a relationship with an exceptional person who offers you the opportunity of true love. Accept the invitation to be happy.

If the right person hasn’t made it to your life yet, in the garden of your soul try to sow the seeds of good actions and worthy friendships, such that show the brightest side of life. Everything will happen in its own time, no sooner or later.

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The situation may be very bad, there may be no opportunities… It’s important to believe in luck but perhaps you’ve been building castles in the sky for too long?

Don’t rely on fate, create your own. Think about your major strengths without forgetting to take into account your weaknesses. Maybe you are good at being a leader and making decisions? Setting up something is what you need.

And even if decision making is not your thing you can take the reins and go for your destiny rather than wait for it to come to you. Change the country you live in or temporarily move to the city… Your best shot is changing the scenery if you cannot fix it.


You love being around people but this might not be good for your health. The current position of the planets weakens your immune system and you might catch a cold which is the last thing on your wishlist.

Wash your hands regularly and use paper tissues to avoid infecting others. Other tips include airing your house every day and drinking plenty of water and tea of your favourite flavours.

Treating viruses with antibiotics is not efficient. Keep away from them to make sure your body stays responsive to their effect. You might need them in the future…