Libra Daily Horoscope for June 29

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You’ll have to use all your strength today to be very understanding to cope with a delicate love matter. Remember, Libra, when a love story is coming to an end, you have to close the chapter. However, think well before you make a major decision.

When it comes to your family, things will calm down and you’ll be able to reestablish good communication with children and elderly family members. They’ll be your support during these days of confusion, so you should be more attentive to them.

Single Libras will have to make a decision whether this person they like is good for them. Things are not clear. Let your heart and not your fantasies guide you. This way you’ll know which path to take.

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Today you’ll finally be able to relax after all the economic problems you had to face this week. You’ve been able to meet all your financial obligations and now you can see the future in a new light. In your mind, saving has become a priority.

Today you’ll be able to leave your work obligations behind and rest, which will feel great since you’ve accumulated so much stress. It’s an ideal time to think about how you can approach your situation at work to give it a positive twist.

In general, when it comes to your economy and career, things will fall into place if you know how to take advantage of the moments you’ve lived and learn from everything you've experienced these days.


It’s a good day to leave home and take a walk in the fresh air. You need to get in touch with nature to clear your mind and body. Walking, going for a swim in the sea or any other activity of this kind will help you feel great.

You’ll have a quiet day today. The stars will help you relax emotionally and you’ll feel deeply relieved. If possible, switch off your phone and spend more time with yourself.

No one knows better than you what has to be done to improve your current life situation. If you take a few minutes today to reflect, you’ll find the answers.