Libra Daily Horoscope |


The enthusiasm between you two is palpable. You may barely know each other but it’s definitely more than physical attraction. You may have found your soulmate!

If you’re only friends, look deep into your heart. You could be madly in love with that person and you may have not realized it yet. Time flies when you’re around him/her and it could be much more than just an innocent friendship.

These are the relationships that you must fill your life with: people that come to brighten your smile, rather than those toxic romantic relationships that give you nothing but headaches.

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You’ll feel vital today and more eager than ever to get to the bottom of your work matters.  

Another possibility under the current planetary transit is that situations of power will arise around you. You may think that you have nothing to do with them, but you’re wrong. Make the most of these situations and defend your territory fearlessly.

On a personal level this planet conjugation can be great motivation for you to put all the energy into your projects. Find the balance, though. There is something you can’t handle well, and it’s the limits, Libra.


It may be good for you to examine your own body; feel your bones, joints and the movement of your rib cage as you breathe. Are you mobilizing your energy well? Otherwise, these parts are prone to deterioration.

Lately you’ve been very sensitive and dreamy, which is partially good for you. However, make sure you don’t miss out on reality.  

Connect with your deepest emotions that you’ve kept for too long and get them out so you can heal. Transform parts of yourself that are no longer functional, Libra.